wings flutter in the kitchen. so many distractions. i am soaking wet. my fever must be over a hundred by now. i have all the windows open. i must remember to charge my cell phone. they are expecting hurricane winds up here this evening and the screen says we could be without power for up to three days. life is good.
i have a freezer full of veggie food and a life full of electronic distraction. what will i do with my electrick trance? i think i will sleep and dream of wires. soon i will have tubes and wires flowing through every part of my body and i will be naked and strapped to a stainless steel table with a drain in the floor under it.
and under the bright hot lights, men who have no idea about darkland will take knives and begin to disassemble me. and i will discolour my number. and i will be sitting on the toychest in the garden in darkland. smoking cigarettes and connecting the dots in the night sky and not really caring how it ends because either way i win.