all static and sin. its flows and crackles all over the forest. shaking dead leaves from the trees. they fall, smoldering to the ancient forest floor. it cleanses the forest, i feel the white light bleaching away my sin, sickness, my fears. i open my eyes, my mouth, my arms, toward the faraway green canopy of forest above me.
and i feel lucky to have crashlanded here. among the other vine covered rusting sputniks, satellites and space capsules. i remember to breath in. and my lungs fill with the glorious lush air and i relax. i brush dead leaves and bits of gauze off my suit. torn bandages and dead leaves, discarded branches and old circuitry crackle beneath my feet as i slowly begin to walk out of the clearing.
into the green darkness. into the forest. the ghost forest of the launch monkeys. i wonder where you are walking, right now, at this very glorious moment.