my hands are slightly wet. i look upward and feel the mist falling on my face. i lick my lips and it tastes of memory and rocket fuel. a slight copper aftertaste dances across the back of my tongue and disappears. undone and free. the deeper into the dark green i go, the louder the hum becomes. its low, hip level decimal.
it makes me want to grab you and kiss you violently. i havent thought of kissing anyone in a long time. but i remember. and it warms a smile underneath my skin. i want to caress your soul and gently place it in my pocket. smiling as it flutters and dances and warms my hollow shell. i want the world in your kiss. the world in my mouth.
i could dance with you all afternoon under the faraway green canopy sky above. swirling through the far and few between shafts of green sunlight. forever. i could dance with you and the ghosts of the launch monkeys would be still. watching and holding their ghost breath, waiting.