someday, when the world is gray and flat. and all that is left are a few remnants of junk science, still calculating trends and excess for the masses that have long since gone, i will be sitting on my toychest, in my garden, smoking a cigarette and looking up at the moon, projected against the painted sky. and i will think of you and smile. and then i will go back to the factory and make some new art or a new song or add another section to darkland. its good to have goals. that what they told us in catholic school and im still a good catholic boy. i still wait for the walk signal and i only cross at crosswalks and i hold doors open for people and i give up my seat to a woman at least two or three times a week while commuting.
good things come to those who wait. and so i wait. in the world of junk science. if i sit very still the code wont even know im here, because im not.