slowly. the grinder grinds. slowly. the rain rains. slowly. the release releases. and i lay here. in the cream of the crop circles. slowly. the water circles the shower drain. slowly. the sin sins. slowly. the play plays itself out. slowly. the song sings. my heart is full. my life is emply. empty as the bathtub i lay in. slowly. the folds unfold. slowly. the blossom blossoms. sunday was dark. no sun on sunday. somewhere it is bright. i move toward the light. i find myself. slowly. the kisss kisses. as i kiss the rings of saturn. and i think of you. out here among the ice and dark. searching for light. slowly. the search searches. such is the life of the son of dog. if ignorance is bliss, then blinded by the light is better. around me. slowly. ice collides with ice. darkness collides with darkness. and i am fearless. slowly. i write my name on the steam covered bathroom mirror and smile, sacrilege.