wrapped in my wings of memory and dead friends, i sleep. i sleep and dream. i dream of terraforming heaven. transforming it from an abusement park to an amusement park. i will put the carnal back in carnival.
and it will shimmer with the dreams of a trillion trillion souls, laughing and smiling and dancing. not dancing like the whore in the temple that i once was, but dancing barefoot with the true joy of being unbound. refound. no longer underground, but into the light. everything evolves. everything revolves. everything dissolves. soon we will all go through the next door and all i can think about right now is how many years its been since ive been kissed.
flesh makes us so weak. so lost in our feeblespeak. tonight i will pray the prayer of fresh flesh. unbound. refound. no longer underground online. i want to walk into the light and dance. and dance and dance and float and fly and soar and sway. so close to the son of god,  that my wings of wax will begin to melt.