on all fours, i bark at heavens gate. i wag my tail and roll over. i play dead. someone will terraform heaven. better me than them. they will fill it with walmarts, mcdonalds, gaps and sizzlers. and it will be televised and there will be prizes and contests and they will charge an admission price and then what? wait quietly and you shall see. i remember waiting, so i dont need to wait anymore.
somewhere, a phone is ringing. somewhere, someone is waiting for something. somewhere. someone remembers something, so they dont need to remember anymore. and they exhale one last time. i remember those record company clubs that would get you to buy 10 records for a dollar. they had a picture of a gypsy fortuneteller sitting in front of a crystal ball.
and written on the picture it said "nothing to more to buy in the future". that picture always made me laugh because i know, there will always be something to buy in the future. i am sure that heaven is a shopping mall. none of you really know me, yet through my journals, you know me better than anyone else in the world. how funny is that? i am laughing right now, i think its hysterical.
life is funny, but heaven is even funnier. these feathers tickle. i sneeze and wipe away the tears. a feather stick to my face and i start to laugh again. the width of a circle is infinite. welcome to heaven. can i see some identification please?