please call me (i have 32 unlistened to voicemails on my phone) email me (i have hundreds of unread emails) love me (i have blah blah blah). i get up and walk out of the theater. ive had a bad week after four bad months and i am no mood to watch this.
my surgery is still infected. i have another ct scan next tuesday to see how bad. they are about to lay us off, so i will end up inbetween multiple surgeries with no job and no insursance and i am basically sick of what i see in the mirror. so i am sure not watching this fucking film. as i walk out of the theater i lick my wrist and it tastes like honey and barbituates and innocence. yummy.
i pull out my cell to call a cab and screen says "cowboy's want to ride you!". oh, technology is a funny thing. i know i will be okay. after all, heaven is in my ass. how can you lose with that lucky charm? i swim to my cab and we float home.