i parade myself under the bathroom light. if i hadnt smashed the mirror, im sure i see that i am hot (for a 50 year old dead hermit). im sorry, im actually laughing for the first times in months. your world is absurd. see how this chord wrapped around my waist and plays back into my eyes, making them flutter and send signals? cool huh?
this morning when i woke up (at 2am) i got dressed to get my psychopills when the pharmacy opened (ive been out for a week). i called them at 8am and told them i was in too much pain to pick them up (which is true on a mental level). so at 9am i started working on this. which meant i opened a bottle of stoli. here we are at 2:35 pm and im almost done. what a way to spend the day.
i should be outside letting morons look at my burnt out soul and hoping to fall in love. this makes me so angry i feel almost 16 again (+34). i didnt put up with that shit then, so why would i now?
last night 27,000 children died of starvation or measels or other totally preventable causes. and i wonder why no one loves me. as the world turns to shit and candy. i feel stupid even takling about my problems. here in seattle at 2:48pm, its the darkest dark ive ever seen, so im going to bed. i understand, sometimes its hard to choose between shit and candy. follow your tongue.