i am dreaming. the last thing i remember was being in a ghost town. i found a park. beautiful and silent. no birds. no wind ruslting the leaves. nothing. as i felt my body slowly turn to lead, i realized the city was going to sleep. the city was going to dream and i was going with it. and i closed my eyes. creeping the sleeping streets. just for a moment i want to run. i want to be special. but i cant run. and im not special. im just asleep. asleep at the wheel.
i hear one cello note rising in the distance. i wrap myself around its singular velvet moment and as i do, it begins to change timbre, tonal shifting to a slightly metallic hollow sound. i recognize what it is becoming. a car horn. one long wailing note of automation. i am slumped over the wheel.
i hear prayers whispered by water, dark chemical infused water. dark rusting ponds of industrial waste. i am so thirsty. i lick my lips and taste redemption.