i am sitting in the park. awake. except that im dreaming right? i know this to be true because my cell phone isnt ringing. my doctor called me twice today at work to convince me that he is cutting me open again at four pm next friday. its seems i am a bag of pus. a bag of abscess. an infection that somehow survived the plague in the 1980's only to become a poster child for common microbes in the 21st century. pretty is as pretty does and i guess you get what you deserve in the end. i remember someone telling me that the only reason i outlived all my friends was because i was too nasty even for the plague.
even that vileness turned its nose up and said, no thank you. but for now. i will sit in this squirelless and birdless park and watch the sky. all the beautiful little ectoplasm dances going on. circles within circles. that is the answer really. in some way we are all connected and no matter how much we fight that fact eventually it comes back to haunt us. and yes, this ghost town is haunted. but i believe that its haunted in a good way. if its in darkland, then its part of the masterplan. and nothing here will hurt me. even in this darkest of dark, this desolated of desolate, there is love.
you are never really alone. even when you are being torn to shreds in the earthplain. someone is holding your hand. and in the grand scheme we are all loved. look! look at this sky! see the circles? those are for you. those are for me. those will be here long after i am gone. long after you are gone. we will still be trying to solve the puzzle, not realizing that we created the puzzle. we hold all the pieces. i hear prayers whispered by water. dark chemical infused water. and i am thirsty. i lick my lips and tase redemption.