so many choices. and i cant leave my apartment except to go to work. i even have my groceries delivered. i will walk a block tomorrow to the corner store, as im almost out of cigarettes.
only then will i leave my safeplace. my friend marc, offered to take me to tokyo for three days next month and i turned him down.
it takes the threat of becoming homeless to get me out the door monday through friday, how in the fuck could i go to tokyo? poor marlon. boo fucking hoo. sometimes i bore myself.
i cant imagine how those of you that actually read this crap do it. so heres to all of you. cheers. at work last week, i had to go into the bathroom and laugh till i cried.
for the first time in my life, i actually said "have a nice day" to a client on the phone. where am i going? i have no fucking clue. imagine you are imaging something. yoko was right.