iamstillhere. iamapoliticaltool. take from me what you want, but never what you need. to lose that required anonymity will cause the boundaries to bleed. iamatechnocrat. iamabrokentoy. i have spent most of my life, dumbing myself down with drugs and booze and sex to reach the level where the attention i wanted pooled and swirled. i have prostituted myself for a smile. iamapolitcaltool. iamasmilingfool. the currency of change never stayed long in my pocket. iamanoverdrawnlinearthought. i have been sold, but never bought. i have been revealed, but never sought. the paper that makes up my life, stuffed and soiled into a wallet. i feel like money inside. touched by thousands, but never kept. traded away as soon a possible. iamadollarstore. iamadollarboy. you can keep the change.