and so here i sit. remembering. friday night i watched "world trade center" by oliver stone and i remembered. yesterday i watched "the queen" and remembered diana's death. i realized i was watching this on the 10 year anniversary of her death. and i remember standing in my front room in phoenix with a cup of coffee and tears in my eyes and it seems like only yesterday, not ten years ago.
i think its time to retreat to darkland again. i feel safe there. sitting in my garden of ultraviolets. sitting on the toychest i had as a child. smoking a cigarette and listening to the wind in the branches whisper. yes. tonight after im finished with this, i intend to get very drunk and slip away to the garden again, where i can look up at the night sky and count satelittes. im out of vicodin now, so stoli will have to do. iamasmilingguy. iamastarinthenightsky. iamaredstarrising.