mirobial. full of water. bad water.
this husk is rehydrating.
with infected water.
so much water that i have to drain and measure the excess daily and enter the amount into a spreadsheet.
bloody water with cellular detris. broken. i am. out of order.
all minor key, sleep surrounds me.
i spent the three day weekend under cover.
waking up to take medication, eat fruit loops out of the box and wash them down with coca cola.
i tried for three days to go to the drug store.
i have to buy saline solution and start flushing the drainage tubes with a hypodermic nedle twice a day.
but i could leave the apartment.
i could get dressed and i could sit and i could wait until the sleep song played and then i could sleep.
its a beautiful song. and i sing along. nothing is broken. nothing is old. nothing is alone. nothing is waiting.
in this song. i stand at the water edge. on the sleepers ledge and look down.
i watch the riples spread on the dead sea.
this is me. the circle is complete. almost.
a ghost. a host to infection.
i am alive with microbes.
i am in a state of transitional flux. broken. i am. out of order.