thousands of shiny images. darting and swimming. moving as one, sparkling and glimmering under the cleansing sun. healing the torn landscape. the sunlight comes a 600mg pill. i swallow it twice a day.
inside i am broken. i am out of order. outside i am flickering. the image is strained. the projection drained. and i no longer care, i dont shave or wash my hair. life is good. somewhere. for someone. the world sings. the bell rings and they get their prize. they wipe the tears from their eyes and smile. and i am not happy for them. that makes me bad i guess. rotten and sleeping. full of infection. i lay in wait. just outside of their dreams. sparkling and glimmering. i wait in their eden to lead them to nod. east of eden. broken. i am. out of order. its the most beautiful song. and i sing along.