a list of things that change.  love.  joy.
the shape of your face. belief systems.
the level of knowledge you choose to present. the bloodflow to your extremities.
the concept of tommorow. your level of apathy. need. preferences.
the degree of decsion that you make yourself. the amount of rejection you notice on a daily basis. how you walk into a room of strangers. are you as sexy as you were yesterday?
are you as interesting as you were last week?
are you as happy as you were last month?
are you as open as you were last year?
beauty is in the minds eyes.
do you need glasses now? do you keep a list of wrongs and think about it without realizing it? are you becoming invisible?
do people find you less interesting than they use to? is the world more ignorant now?
or does it just seem that way to you?
as the rain and days wear away the edges, do you feel the patina of antiquity or the desperation of runination?
are you trapped in the temple of illusion? water falls, water rises.
water collects and stagnates.
black and brackish, the memories pool and congeal into stains. scrub away, scrub away. there is less of you left with every passing days. and all you can do it stand still and wait. time stands still (for no one, they say).