just one more piece of art.
i know the answer will be revealed.
just one more commuter ride and i will fall in love.
just on more pill and my infection will clear up.
just one more. one more after another after another.
just one more of the same. just one more cigarette.
just one more smile.
just one more hour and i will go to sleep. i promise.
and colour bleeds into the drain.
i stand in front of the mirror and watch it disappear down the drain. like smoke.
i am a lucky man. i know how it will end.
i just dont know when. where did my shadow go?
where are my cheekbones and where is my body?
this is not my body. what is this shit?
this must be a simulation. a test. a hairshirt.
a beautification. a prayer of teeth. sharp and hollow.
i will surrender this sodden flesh.
this temple is condemned. i smell rot.
my black tongue quivers. and i say (                   ).  skittering back into my mouth the night tickles.
i almost laugh and lose all i have gained.
structure is fragile. ectoplasm ectoskeletal.
i am full of empty. busrting at the seams.
a black hole swallowing and regurgitating dreams.
its good to have a purpose. a structure. a reason.