What do we do with the byproducts of nuclear reactions and the chemistry of nuclear materials?  Every chemical and nuclear process, at a macroscopic level, yields both the desired product: fissibile uranium, plutonium, electricity, radioactive isotopes for medical use such as Co60 or Sr89 and a series of unwanted byproducts.  In contrast to the byproducts of other industrial efforts to support the ongoing culture - or to maintain defense or wage war - these byproduct materials are especially difficult to manage because of their complex composition of actively radiating nuclei. i say we dream. i say we take off our clothes and fuck. i say we forget and this shit and watch television. i say we eat food and join the billion dollar diet industry cult. or maybe the jesus cult. or maybe we just go shopping. Mankind has a history of leaving to subsequent generations the cleanup of its industry.  While roaming just one state, Colorado, one can visit the Windy Hill archeological site in the Park Range near Steamboat Springs.  There rests acres of quartzite flakes; the residue of centuries of tool making by the inhabitants of Colorado who followed the melting of the Ice-Age glaciers.  The men of prehistory took their points and knives and ax heads with them and left behind a benign byproduct, unchanged rock shards. fuck history. i dont care. give me medication. give me new fall colours for the nuclear winter. i want runway shows. i want to feel pretty because i purchase. i want to be envied.The 19th century miners of Colorado brought Zinc and Silver and Lead out of the ground near Leadville and the mounds of residual byproduct from their metal-freeing chemistry was not benign.  The snows of mountain winter melt and infiltrate the waste, extracting metals and reducing the pH to produce strongly acidic runoff that has found its way readily to the upper reaches of what was the pristine Arkansas River.  Fortunately the 20th century environment has chosen to clean up Leadville's California Gulch through the cooperative State and EPA Superfund activity. fuck science. give me cheap paperback novels. like the ones found left in motels. like the bible.