no one told me. they said "eat the cake". and i did. cake cant hurt you right?
cake is a metaphor for our sins. i read that in a bus station in topeka kansas.
i read that in a cheap paperback novel. the circles are making me dizzy. i read...
i was....i saw...who knows? destroy the written word. it is a lie.
just because you read it in a cheap paperback novel doesnt make it true.
i ride commuter transportation 3 and and half hours a day because i feel its the right thing to do.i leave my shell at 6:am and crack it open again at 7:pm.
i ride buses covered with ad campaigns for paris hiltons new perfume.
i am sure she is concerned as i am about traffic and im sure she feels that her perfume will make living in this cheap paperback novel better.
i believe that if i wash myself in the blood of christ, all will be revealed.
and so i ride the buses, looking for jesus. a knife in my briefcase.