and so it begins. the burnout. heaven is burning. and i swim the red seas. i swim in circles. round and round like a mantel clock in an english country house, oblivious to the fact the drapes are burning. tick tick tick. i swim. tick tick tick. i sing. tick tick tick. this is the most wonderful place to be. doing what i do best. tick tick tick. i am a gift. i present myself for you. open me or not. it doesnt change the fact that i did what i did.
i wait to feel your fingers on me. tick tick tick. open me. hold me. covet me. hide me. lie about me. think about me at work. touch yourself when you think about me. hidden in your closet. i want to be your special gift. tick tick tick. just say yes. i will be everything you feared and more. and you will love it when im done with you. tick tick tick.