i am so lazy in my sense of entitlement. last night riding the 5:10 southbound train out of seattle.
i was one of five people on the entire upper level of car 101b. 
most people had taken the day after thanksgiving off and i was one of very few downtown.
i settled back into my seat, looking out the window at the darkened factories that slowly drifted by.
i thought of how things were not as bad as they seemed. maybe everything will work out.
smiling i closed my eyes and saw someone getting their tongue cut off with a pair of scissors.
i sat upright and looked around. the few people there were on laptops or in books.
i am a little happy generator. thats what i am. i spin and spin and spin.
i am a little sputnik of joy. singing and twirling and itching for reentry.
i sit very still and sparkle underneath my clothes. i must be careful that no one sees.