static and snow. i turn off the television. static and rain. i shut the blinds. static and smoke. i shut my eyes. i concentrate on finding a clear patch of sky. i must transmit. drifting up. ears twitching.
i slowly find my way though the digital televison and the cell phone filth. through the microwaves and sensors. higher and colder. and slowly the screen begins to clear. i can open my eyes. but i dont. i must remain pure. undistracted.
i begin to transmit. first colours. then shapes. then symbols. then endless strings of number sequences. transformation is the hardest thing to accept. everything here breaks eventually.
i concentrate and force more information into the stream. i feel a tooth come loose and i swallow it. i will not be distracted. decoy placement though happy thought intervention will not longer work.
i buy movies, but i no longer watch them. i buy new music but i no longer listen. i buy new clothes, but i dont wear them. i have a kitchen full of food i dont eat. i have a great apartment full of wonderful modern things that i dont clean.
i must transmit. i must finish what was started. i must see how it ends.