darkland is being scanned again. i am no longer sure what the satellites are.
at first i was scared of them and then i thought they were my friends and then they disappeared.
and now they are back and seemingly oblivious to me. thats fine. i am happy to be back here. i have so much to do.
if i play my cards right, i will be able to go through the shave shower work smile dance and still be here. we will see.
that may be a tricky house of cards to build. but what the hell. if my body continues to shut down, i wont have to worry about it anyway.
the sky stutters. i will have to see if i can find a manual on that back at the factory.
and i need to work on the automatic sketchbook i made some more. so much to do here.
i hope you are having a swell time. wish you were here, marlon.