p o r e =  products of reverse engineering 
i created myself. no womb. no test tube. no sonic boom. i created darkland. darkland did not create me. i wait in the morning mist at the station. blank train schedule in my hand. i know i will never find my way home now, because now i realize i never had one to find my way back to. i adjust my tie. and wait on the empty platform. wait to return to something that never existed in the first place. but i am not sad. i am determined.
because i created this memory, it did not create me. everything returns here eventually. all i have to do is wait. and i have all the time in the world. i lift my arm and look at my watch. no hands, no numbers, just a blank round white circle under glass. this makes me smile. i guess theres no time like now to begin. i slowly walk to the edge of the platform and step off,  slowly falling toward the mist shrouded tracks below.
let the journery begin.