p o r e = paths of radioactive evolution
europa. spreads below me like a giant map. i recognize the form and shape of the land. so much history unrolls below me. a rich tapestry woven of golden thread and blood. flashbulbs stain ancient catacomb walls. the soil sings. barbed wire songs. tiny sad deformed hands touch the cold marble giants and tremble. i hear the signal from so many glass cases in the forgotten rooms of forgottten museums, from the millions of unmarked graves. under parks, farm fields and school houses, europa sings to me. guides me.
i look through my bombsight and check my watch, its still blank. the moon is full and and the stars are beautiful. dresden calls. i remember all of this as though it were yesterday. and i remember the shadows of the people in mid air. the shadows of chairs flying through the air. forever burnt into the walls of hiroshima and nagasaki. soon i will fly again. in the cold night air. i will spread my metal wings and set the song free falling. engine stalling. and smiling. thinking of coca cola and chrysler and maxwell house.
soon i will be home again. standing of some empty forgotten train station platform. blank schedule held in my cold marble hands.