*(at the edge of town, the wolves are gathering wool. spinning in circles of ignorance. weaving a carpet of despair, to lay upon the cold pink sand of some distant land. i can not understand any of these things. neighbors killing neighbors. god damn me for not understanding how the oppression of women being educated somehow leads to heaven. the murders of educators and people bearing clean water and hope. i didnt get the cultural revolution in china, i didnt get the rewriting of history under stalin or the ethnic cleansing of the former yugoslavia, rwanda or hitlers dance down the rhine. god damn my ignorance for not understanding these things. and god damn me for being a white american male. and god damn me for being generated in the land of the atomic bomb this time around. god damn me as the wolves gather at the edge of the edge of town).

somewhere it is summertime, and pink blossums fill the air with hope. but its not here. not on my broken television. not in my broken bed. not in my broken head. the click and whir of the satellites sing. and the cargo doors open, spilling billions of pink cherry blossums into the orbit of earth. they slowly drift into the gravitational pull and start to form into a ring. like the rings of saturn.
and the crown of thorns begins to transform into a wreath of cherry blossums. and in nagasaki, a smoldering, charred staue of the virgin mary weeps pink tears. and as i sit in my front room, hands held tightly against my ears to block out the prethanksgiving day sales, car commercials and celebrity sightings, i hear hope. i smell something pink and precious and i follow it to a place inside my soul.
it doesnt have to end in tears. it just has to end. i would gladly and without hesitation give up my eternity for the stupid sadness to stop. in a heartbeat i would. and i raise my heart and arms and eyes and ears skyward. take me now. polaris. take me. make me the new north star. and the phone doesnt ring. the sky doesnt fall. sometimes i get so confused by my love of the whole world outside of darkland.
*(if you'ld like to make a call, please hang up and try again...)