and i start to walk. between the choices. between the light and the dark. the desert and the park. i am so numb, that making a conscience choice is beyond my grasp these days. i try smiling. paper mask crinkles crackles at the edges. bits of logic and paper skin flake like snow drift down. i remember everything. and i start to walk. these silent forests. industrial smokestack trees. mechanical hybrid bees.
paperless transactions that drift in the smoke stained breeze. so many choices speak to me in so many voices. selecticide. which rainbows end will i ride. and i close my eyes and i start to walk. dark outline traced on my carpet in chalk and nicotine and dreamshed. the same birdless sky lights my way. i remember everything.
and the art begins to melt. down the walls. down the screen. down my face. so many colourful puddles. so stagnate. all mine. here at the rainbows end, the light is muted and cold. selecticide. so many choices to unfold.